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Lincoln | Trust (DC) Judith Veenendaal

Amazon Music | Life in HD (DC) Judith Veenendaal

Hyundai | Because of You (DC) Judith Veenendaal

Unicef | Children Uprooted Judith Veenendaal

Yseult | Noir Judith Veenendaal

Judith Veenendaal (1987) was born in Haarlem. Her mother is a sculptor, her father both a jazz musician and a sculptor. No doubt the arts were ever-present during her childhood. She must have spent hours and hours in museums, probably attended every performance, in every theater in her younger years. Although she initially aspired to be a dancer, she eventually enrolled in the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague where she found her true calling, that of filmmaking. Judith tapped into her natural affinity for light, composition and the surreal, evolving into a unique film-style that is visually captivating, honest and profoundly poetic. 

We think it's very true. Each piece of Judith’s work seems to unfold like a piece of art. She immerses you in narratives, whether complex or simple, and lets you travel alongside the characters, from a significant moment to an emotional apex. Every story builds to a satisfying conclusion, that feels as inevitable as it does surprising, like the moment an artist steps back from a completed piece, or a writer dropping down their pen after crafting the perfect ending.

Judith nowadays, has the experience of working with brands like Amazon Music, Hyundai, G-Star, UNICEF and Lincoln (starring Serena Williams) and she won prizes like the Cannes Young Director Award, Creative Circle Best Commercial Director Award. She was Vimeo Staff Picked for UNICEF and her music video for Yseult ‘Noir’ has achieved recognition at Ciclope and the Netherlands Film Festival. 

All that being said, we're just really happy she joined our roster. For us it feels as though it’s always been like that, she describes it as 'coming home’.