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Sigrid | It Get's Dark Femke Huurdeman

JBL | Doja Cat (DC) Femke Huurdeman

Billie | The Rules of Body Hair Femke Huurdeman

Amazon | Universe of Audiences Femke Huurdeman

Libresse | Pure Sensitive Femke Huurdeman

Stella McCartney Kids | Yellow Is For All Things Nice Femke Huurdeman

Femke Huurdeman (1992) was born in Baarn. Raised amidst the forests of central Netherlands by green-minded parents, marked her life with a connection to nature, it’s vibrant colours and the love for animals. Plus a sense of inventiveness, always playing outside and never be bored. Play simply moved indoors when it rained. Among all the games she loves, boardgames and video gaming remain her enduring favorite pastime.

Femke’s aspiration to become a dolphin trainer at the time came as no surprise. It was either that, or the complete opposite, becoming a fashion designer. She opted for the latter, a field that held a greater promise— or so she thought. Femke successfully completed her studies Fashion and Branding at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, only to discover it wasn't her ultimate calling. However, during her studies, she experimented with photography and filmmaking, of which she says ‘started a fire within’.

After graduation, she ventured into her own projects. With very limited means but with that knack for ‘strategic resourcefulness’ from her upbringing, she produced some exceptional films. She attended a Spanish film festival as a 'new talent' for her short ‘Mayfly’ and was picked up by Nowness. One could say the rest is history, even though this all happened not so long ago.

Femke has lived in London, LA, and Amsterdam—shooting stars in LA and calling Amsterdam her forever home. Driven by a desire to create worlds for people to escape into, and both fascinated and unsettled by the world's magic and darkness, her rich imagination needs a creative outlet and shapes her work. She received awards for her own work and for global campaigns like Amazon, JBL, Stella McCartney, Coca-Cola, Rosalia, and Vogue Italia, to name just a few on a much longer list.

Femke continues to stand out by doing her own thing, forever loving animals (and attempting to include a dog in every script she writes) and still gaming everyday. We're super excited that she has joined Bonkers United. As from now on, we embrace the utter absurdity of human behaviour together, knowing that it will drive us forever.