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Vincent Lobelle (1972) was born and raised in France. When school was done, he started working at TBWA in 1995 as artdirector. Having worked on Nissan, Playstation, Aides etc and winning all the awards for it, Lobelle decided to become a director in 2002. Always perfectly according to ‘human nature’ in the widest sense of the word, Lobelle directed males and females, whether knights, killers, zombies, haters or lovers, even sheep or dogs and he knows how to capture the one thing that is universal: emotion. Preferably clumbsy human behaviour, as the cause of an awkward and utmost funny situation - anyone can identify with.

Having said that, Lobelle got awarded in Cannes 2017 for the Fondation 30 Millions d'Amis | Coma,   not comedy but a very dramatic and real story about the loyalty of dogs (watch it at the right moment, you may cry).

In 2008 Lobelle directed his first feature ‘A vampire’s party’ something between horror and comedy. More recently, the coöperation with theatre director Sebastien Thiéry resulted in a very funny familycomedy ‘Momo’ that premiered in December ’17 in Paris.

Vincent will most probably continue directing both features and commercials. Because he can. And he is really good at it, the guy’s a star. Lobelle has two kids, shares his time between Paris and Barcelona but in all honesty, would actually prefer to be in Amsterdam always.